Rural Cambodia Tour in Battambang

Rural Cambodia Tour in Battambang (Eating Crickets & Sticky Bamboo Coconut Rice)


So we’re taking a rural countryside tour today of Battambang.  We’re going to be buying some ticky rice wrapped up in a bamboo wrapper. Once it has been cooked you just kind of crack the bamboo and peel it down and there you have the rice that has been mixed with coconut cream and some black beans.  It looks good. It smells great. Take a bite.  How do you like it? It’s delicious.  It’s like you can totally tell it has been made with coconut but there hasn’t been a lot of extra sugar, so it is definitely a little bit sweet but it is not too sweet.  I really like it. So this lovely snack is only sixty US cents.  Not bad. Alright, a brave man going to eat a little cricket there.  Time to have a cricket and this is my first time eating one.  Cheers.  Okay, big bite.  Stick it in your mouth.  You try one as well? Oh, no no no.  It’s actually really good.  Wow! It’s salty and a little bit sweet too.  Oh yeah, that’s good stuff.  One more.  Here we go. We’re here at the fish market now and we can certainly smell all the fish all around here. It is just overwhelming and we’re going to just check out to see what is here.  So here is a form of preserve of fermented fish that our guide just told us tasted a little bit like cheese. So what is this here? Fish eggs that they’re fermented here.  It has a lot of salt.  Thatis ready to eat? Yes, you take the salt out and the fish is inside. If you wrap a plastic bag around the insect can not bite it.  Oh, so there is plastic wrapped around these guava fruits to prevent insects from eating them. These fill up inside the pillows and mattress.  It looks very soft.  Yeah, you can touch.  These are the seeds for new plants? Yes, when you plant.  It comes from the tree right there? It’s the big one over there.  Okay.

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